Zoning & Permit Requirements

Does my project require zoning approval or a construction permit?

We have put together a chart which indicates zoning and permit requirements for many of the activities a property owner may contemplate undertaking on his/her property.

If your project DOES require a permit, click here to view and download a list of permit applications.


If your project exists within a historic district or at a registered historic site, additional steps are required (see * below for applicable projects related to historical districts and sites).

For exterior sign projects in the Main Street Historic District, CLICK HERE for instructions.

  1. Patrick Laverty

    Code Enforcement/ Prop. Maint./ Zoning
    Phone: 973 402-9410, ext. 632

  2. Briana Clemmons

    Technical Assistant to Construction Department / Planning Board Secretary
    Phone: 973-402-9410 ext. 630

Project/Activity Zoning Approval Requires Permit
Additions* Yes Yes
Air conditioner (central): Install or replace No Yes
Asbestos abatement No Yes
Basement: Refinishing or remodeling Yes Yes
Bathroom fixtures: Direct replacement No No
Piping changes No Yes
Boiler replacement No Yes
Burglar alarm installation No Yes
Carpeting No No
Chimney repairs No Yes
Commercial signs (exterior)* Yes Yes
Deck: Add or replace* Yes Yes
Demolition* No Yes
Dishwasher installation No Yes
Door (exterior): Replace existing with same size and type No No
Door (exterior): Adding, enlarging, or eliminating No Yes
Driveway: Repair or repave Yes No
Ductwork installation - new No Yes
Ductwork: Repair or replace No No
Electrical modifications or improvements No Yes
Fence: New or replace* Yes Yes
Fence: Repair No No
Fireplace installation No Yes
Furnace replacement No Yes
Generator (stand-alone) Yes Yes
Gutters: Repair or replace No No
Landscaping work No No
Lawn sprinkler No Yes
Lead paint abatement No No
Ordinary repairs No No
Outdoor kitchen* Yes Yes
Painting (exterior or interior) No No
Patio: Brick or pavers* Yes No
Plumbing modifications or improvements No Yes
Remodeling or alterations (interior) No Yes
Retaining walls (over 4 feet high)* Yes Yes
Roof: repairs involving less than 25% of existing roof No No
Roof: Replace* No Yes
Roof-top unit No Yes
Satellite dish No Yes
Septic system: Construct or abandon No Yes
Sewer system: Connect to the public system No Yes
Shed or other utility building: Construct* Yes Yes (over 100 sq ft)
Siding: New or replace No Yes
Smoke detectors: add No Yes
Solar panels* No Yes
Spa / hot tub Yes Yes
Storm windows/doors No No
Stove: Replace electric with gas No Yes
Swimming pool: Add or replace Yes Yes
Tennis court installation Yes Yes
Underground fuel or septic tank removal No Yes
Water heater replacement No Yes
Wall repairs: Remove and replace sheet rock or plaster No Yes
Windows: Replace existing with same size and type No No
Windows: Adding, enlarging, or eliminating* No Yes