Darress Theatre Study

Darress Theater

Few historic properties in Boonton require costly improvements while simultaneously offering the possibility of returning millions of dollars to our local economy the way the Darress Theatre can.  That it was a large draw to Boonton in our past and with theaters bringing enormous economic returns to other municipalities (Montclair, Newton, New Brunswick, etc.), now is the time to act. 

As the theatre is currently for sale and that we are amid master planning, the first step in saving the theatre is to determine if it's even financially viable as an operating theatre.  The board unanimously voted to help with an economic viability study that will make that determination and drive its possible restoration.  The current plan is to secure $24k for a Phase 1 study through private donations and/or grants to fund the analysis.  If you have interest in helping with a future effort to save the theatre, please email mayor@boonton.org so I may include you on a list should we need public assistance in the coming months.

Download the study proposal HERE.