Dispatch Replacement Decision

Monday October, 15th at 7:30pm in Town Hall - Discussion and final board vote. All are welcome.

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Boonton's radio dispatch system is nearing obsolescence.  Deteriorating infrastructure, needed replacement parts that are no longer available and lack of technical support from vendors are causing issues and broadcast disruptions that compromise public service.  Due to the high costs and public safety risks, the town engaged Government Management Advisors to examine and make an unbiased recommendation on the most viable options for replacement.

The four main options being considered include:

  1. upgrading the existing radio system and continuing services with town employed dispatchers
  2. migrating to the Morris County Communications Center
  3. utilizing the NJ State PSIC system
  4. providing dispatching through another shared service

At the moment, the Finance/Personnel as well as Police Committees are holding hearings on the matter to then provide recommendations for a full board vote in late April or May. Type "dispatch" in the search box at boonton.org to review related reports, cost comparisons and back-up documents being used in this important decision.

Dispatch Report:

Click the links below to review and download the related dispatch analysis: