Local Emergency Planning Council

emergency preparedness checklist

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for coordinating the Town's response to emergency disasters.  That response can include:

  1. On-scene support to local incident commanders during emergencies
  2. Creation of an Emergency Operations Center to manage assets and resources deployed in a large-scale disasters
  3. Serves as a conduit for acquiring assistance and support at the state and federal levels 

Additionally, OEM is responsible for Boonton's preparedness plan and activities. OEM works with local, state, federal and private sector partners in emergency management to plan and prepare for large-scale, multi-jurisdictional responses to all natural or man-made disasters.

LEPC Members

Name Title Term Expiration
Peter Herbert OEM Coordinator 12/31/2019
Michael Petonak OEM Deputy Coordinator / DPW Director 12/31/2017
David Mayhood Police Chief 12/31/2017
RJ Ryerson Fire Chief 12/31/2017
Officer Michael Gulla Patrolman - Boonton PD 12/31/2017
Robert Presuto School Superintendent 12/31/2017
Neil Henry Town Adminsitrator 12/31/2017
Carole Hudson Public Health Nurse 12/31/2017
Bill Hunt Boonton Kiwanis Ambulance Member 12/31/2017