Additional Seniors / Human Services Programs

NJ 2-1-1

NJ 2-1-1 can help you find solutions to personal needs by informing you of resources in your community like day care facilities, shelters, affordable housing units, social services, employment training programs, senior services, medical insurance, and more. Dial 2-1-1, anytime for confidential referrals to local health and human service assistance or search NJ 2-1-1’s on-line database at: 

Project Lifesaver Program

The Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver Program is free to Morris County residents and is used to help locate missing persons with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome, autism or traumatic brain injuries. These persons are at risk of wandering away from home and not being able to communicate who they are or where they live to persons who find them.

Participants — whether adult or juvenile — are equipped with bracelets with a transmitter attached.  The waterproof transmitter is about the size of a watch and emits radio frequencies unique to that person. A special tracker is used to pick up that specific frequency to find the missing person.

For an application or more information, visit or call Sheriff’s Operational Services at 973-285-6618.

Lifeline (Pharmaceutical Assistance)

This program offers a cash grant to help people who meet the Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) eligibility requirements, or who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Call  (800) 792-9745 for additional information. 

First Energy Equal Payment Plan (EPP)

JCP&L residential customers can manage their electric bills through the FirstEnergy Equal Payment Plan (EPP). With EPP, customers can make consistent monthly payments to avoid seasonal highs and lows in their electric bills. To apply or learn more about other JCP&L programs, visit or call (800) 662-3115.

Universal Service Fund (USF) - First Energy

Helps residential customers maintain electric service by offering eligible customers a monthly bill credit, which is based on household income and energy usage. USF also could include utility account debt forgiveness. Those applying for USF also automatically apply for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). (800) 510-3102 for more information. 

Weatherization Program

The installation of home energy measures can help reduce energy bills. Weatherization programs include Comfort Partners, sponsored by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. For additional information visit                and click on “Residential” or call (800) 915-8309. Households that apply for USF or LIHEAP can also check a box on the application to request weatherization assistance. Additional is available at

Winter Termination Program (Part of the Weatherization Program)

This program protects residential customers from disconnection of natural gas and electric service from November 15th – March 15th those who participate in; USF, LIHEAP, Lifeline Utility Assistance Program, PAAD, Work First New Jersey/ Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, or SSI may be qualified.

Individuals unable to pay their utility bills due to circumstances beyond their control may also request the protection of WTP. For more information on the Winter Termination Program, please call (800) 624-0241.

Payment Assistance for Gas & Electric (PAGE) Program

The PAGE program, funded by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), is an ANNUAL assistance program and is designed to help low to moderate income households across the state of New Jersey who are experiencing economic hardship and struggling to pay their electric and natural gas bills.

The PAGE energy assistance program benefits homeowners and renters who are NJ residents; have not have received USF in the past 6 months or HEA within the last heating season, facing a crisis situation that includes a documented notice of overdue payment for gas and/or electric service, and have a past history of making regular payments towards their utility bills.

Affordable Housing Alliance has partnered with Affiliate agencies in the different counties to assist local clients in completing the application process. Click here for a list of agencies.

Clients who have previously received a TRUE grant can apply to receive PAGE grant 60 days after the receipt of the TRUE grant. Note, all program requirements must be met and some or all supporting documents may need to be re-submitted.

The Alliance administers several utility assistance programs. If you are not sure which program you qualify for, please click here.  For more information visit or call (732) 982-8710.

New Jersey SHARES

This program offers temporary financial assistance to people having difficulty paying their electric bills. The fund helps those who need assistance because of an illness, job loss or other problem that has created a financial crisis, but are not eligible for other income or age-based programs. For additional information call (866) 657-4273 or visit