Selling / Buying A Home

House for sale with sign

New Jersey Fire Code mandates the following requirements when selling or renting your one or two family home.  Please carefully read the items below including fees and inspection schedules.  You may call (973) 402-9410 x630 with questions or to submit an application, fee, and to schedule an inspection.

Home Sale Fire Inspection Process

  1. Ensure the requirement mentioned below are met.
  2. Complete a Home Sale Fire Inspection Application.
  3. Submit the completed application and payment to the construction office.
  4. Schedule the inspection with the department secretary.


  • The fee for a fire safety inspection is $25 for residential/office/retail and $100 for industrial buildings.
  • A re-inspection will occur if any of the above mandates fail and will also result in an additional $40 fee for each additional re-inspection.
  • Payment can be made by check payable to the ‘Town of Boonton’.

Inspection Requirements

Smoke Detectors

  • Install detectors on every level, including the basement. Levels that have bedrooms, detectors shall be installed within 10 feet of the bedrooms.
  • The detectors should preferably be mounted on the ceiling.
  • If a detector has to be mounted on a wall, it must be mounted 4 inches minimum and 12 inches maximum from the ceiling.
  • Detectors must be 4 inches from any corner, and a minimum of 3 feet from any air registers.
  • Please be sure to refer to the manufactures installation guide as well.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CO)

  • On each level that has sleeping areas, detectors shall be installed within 10 feet of the bedrooms.
  • They can be mounted on ceilings or walls with no height restrictions.
  • Please be sure to check the manufactures installation guide as well.

Fire Extinguishers

  • At least one portable fire extinguisher shall be installed in all one and two family dwellings upon a sale or change of tenancy.
  • The size shall be a minimum of 2A:10 BC rating and no bigger than a 10lb ABC type.
  • The extinguisher shall be charged, operable and MOUNTED in a visible location, within 10 ft. of the kitchen and not blocked by furniture, behind a door or in a closet.

Helpful Hints

  • If you have a monitored fire alarm system, you will be required to know how to operate it! The alarm must be placed on test through the alarm company before we can test the alarm. You must know the pass codes, and how to reset the alarm.
  • Do not mount detectors in attic unless it is a finished room.
  • Do not mount detectors in the stairwell or at the top of basement stairs.
  • Do not mount detectors in kitchen as they often result in many nuisance alarms due to cooking.
  • All smoke detectors should be replaced after 10 years.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced after 5 years. To schedule the inspection or if you have any additional questions please call (973) 402-9410 x630