Open a New Business

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Get your piece of the Boonton $BILLION!

According to a JGSC Market Analysis of Boonton, there is $990 million of uncaptured retail opportunity in the 3 mile radius.

And the best part is that local Boonton shopping destinations along with our historic Main Street are the default downtown for a 3 Mile Radius: Boonton Townshp, Montville, and Mountain Lakes.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Opening a Business in Boonton:

Step 1 - Do Your Home Work

Review Boonton Main Street, Inc.'s New Business Handbook.

Step 2 - Check Zoning, Building and Safety Requirements

Be sure the location you choose is properly zoned for your business activity. If you are considering acquiring a building or piece of property, relocating or adding an addition to your existing business, or opening a new business, there are several factors you should take into consideration.  

Zoning Issues: 

Below are a few important questions to answer about the location you are considering:

  • How is the property zoned?
    • Complete a Zoning Application and call the Zoning Department at (973) 402-9410 ext 630.
    • What uses are allowed under the Town’s Zoning Code?
    • Will you be required to make code improvements (i.e., fire, handicapped access, etc.)?
    • What are the parking regulations?
    • Is the site within a special or historic district or part of an approved Redevelopment Area? 
      • If so, how does this affect you?

Building Issues: 

Besides zoning, you need to consider the following building issues when choosing your location:

  • Will you need any construction permits and what is the process?
    • Please see the Construction Page for instructions and details or call 
    • Signage: You will need Building and Zoning permits regardless of where you open a business.
      • Signage and exterior building alterations on Main Street also involves approval by the Boonton's Historical Preservation Commission.  The commission is charged with safeguarding the important architectural and historic heritage of the Main Street Historic District.  Click the link above to learn more.

Food Related Businesses

Are you a food-related business? If so, contact the Health Department (973) 402-9410 x631

Step 3 - Applications and Inspections

You have found the location for your business, received zoning approval and are ready to sign a lease.

  1. Complete the necessary construction, health code permit and license applications, including food applications, if appropriate (see Step 2).
  2. Review Boonton’s Sign Ordinance and complete the Zoning Application. (which includes the Historic Preservation Commission signage application). Get your landlord’s permission before applying for any signage or awnings.
  3. Contact Boonton's Construction Department by calling (973) 402-9410 x630 visiting them on the web by CLICKING HERE.  You may also contact Boonton Main Street, Inc., for any questions or assistance by calling (973) 257-9017 or visiting

Important dates to keep in mind:

  • Historic Preservation Commission meets on the first Wednesday of each month for the approval of historic district / Main Street signage and façade changes.
  • Building Inspection Schedules –  If you need any of the following inspections, you must call Boonton’s Construction Office, Marianne Marcello, (973) 402-9410 x 630 at least 24 hours in advance of a requested inspection.
    • Building Inspections – Tuesday & Thursday
    • Electrical Inspections – Tuesday & Thursday
    • Plumbing Inspections – Tuesday & Thursday
    • Fire Safety Inspections – Tuesday & Thursday

Opening a New Business on Main Street

In cooperation with Boonton's Historic Preservation Commission, Boonton Main Street, Inc. has prepared a helpful booklet for Main Street building owners and their tenants on design standards specific to the historical character of Main Street. The Boonton Main Street Design Guide Book explains the permit requirements for building alterations and signage. It has: 

  • Useful information on the important architectural features of Main Street
  • Design ideas
  • Examples of acceptable options

We highly recommend anyone intending to open a business on Main Street, or contemplating a change in signage, or an alteration to a building's facade, visit the HPC webpage and read this booklet first. Knowing the recommendations and the requirements before you start a project can save you the cost of having to redesign, or re-fabricate, design elements that are found to be inconsistent with Boonton Historic Preservation code ordinances.