Code Enforcement

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The Code Enforcement Office is tasked with ensuring that a number of town rules are enforced.  Our safety, property values and Boonton's reputation as a cared for community  depend on how well we care for our town.

Report a Violation

If you would like to report a code violation, you may click the "Report a Concern" button on the home page or CLICK HERE.  You may do so anonymously.

Report a Concern

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Code Enforcement Process

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1) Educate

The goal of the new code enforcement process starts with public education and leaves the issuance of summonses as a last resort.  By educating property owners, our goal is to reduce the number of warnings and summonses and therefore clean-up Boonton and make it safe.  A few of the helpful educational materials we have created can be found here:

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2) Patrol

The Town's Code Enforcement Officer patrols the town throughout the week.  When a violation is identified, a photograph is taken and the violation is recorded in the Patrol Log.  A sample Patrol Log ma be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

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3) Warn

Once the back at the office, the Patrol log is entered into a database and warning letters are produced and sent to owner addresses.  A sample Warning Letter can be viewed here.  THIS IS NOT A SUMMONS.  It contains a "comply by" date and an offer to call and work out a new timeline with the Town / explain your situation.  A sample warning letter can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

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4) Work Agreements

The town would always rather have the violation resolved than to issue a summons.  For that reason we have created a Work Agreement which allows willing code violators to explain their situation and  set realistic goals and timelines for resolution of the issue.  We can appreciate that it can take more than 30 days to get a professional contractor in to do the work or for the weather to cooperate.  You may view a sample Work Agreement by CLICKING HERE.

Please note that where the violation(s) has not been resolved within the original comply date and where no active work agreement exists, A SUMMONS WILL BE ISSUED.

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5) Summons

A summons (ticket) is issued when a violation(s) has not been corrected within the warning letter's comply date and no work agreement exists. The summons comes in the mail and is not accompanied by any other paper work.  On it is nature of the violation(s), applicable fees and/or a court date.

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6) Court

Once a summons is issued, it is a court matter and no longer in the purview of the town.  Please follow the instructions on the ticket for any payment or court date details.  As a reminder, Boonton's Court is located in Parsippany.  Get  more information about the court by CLICKING HERE.  You may also call the court at (973) 331-7159.