Certified Copies - Birth, Marriage & Death

A rubber stamp with the word certified on it

Plase call the registrar's office to make an appointment to request a certificate. Certified copies of Birth Certificates are issued only for births that have taken place in Town of Boonton. If a Boonton resident gives birth in a local hospital the certified copies must be obtained in the municipality where the hospital is located.

Certified copies of Death Certificates are issued by this office only for deaths that 

take place in Boonton. In the event an original Death Certificate was obtained from this office by our local funeral director, any additional certificates must be obtained in the municipality where the death occurred.


The cost of certified copies of any record is $10.00 for the first copy and $5.00 for each additional copy (purchased simultaneously). The application must be filled out and returned with the require identification. Cash, Checks or Money Orders made payable to the Town of Boonton are acceptable

Individuals requesting a record of Birth, Death or Marriage must provide exact information on a form provided by the Town of Boonton and available for download on the bottom right section of this page. The relationship between the requestor and the person named on the form provided will be the determining factor in deciding whether the Registrar issues a Certified Copy of the record.  You will need

  • Exact names as recorded on record
  • Exact place where the event occurred
  • Exact date of the event (multiple years will not be searched)
  • Birth – Exact mother’s maiden name / exact father's Name
  • Death – Exact name of the deceased

In addition to the above information you must provide a Photo ID with an address or one (1) additional form of ID with address or two (2) alternate forms of ID such as non-photo drivers license, vehicle registration insurance card, voter registration, passport, green card, County ID, school ID, or utility bill.