Pet Licensing

cartoon picture of a dog and cat

The Town of Boonton requires all dogs and cats over the age of seven months to have rabies shots and to be licensed with the Town. Failure to do so may result in a summons.

Cat LicenseTo obtain a license for your pet, you can download the application below. The completed application should then be submitted to the Town's Health Department.  You may also contact the Health Department during business hours (8:30 AM to 4:00 PM) by calling (973) 402-9410 x631. Dog licenses expire on January 31 of each year and cat licenses expire on June 30 of each year.

Please return all copies of the application with a check payable to "Town of Boonton". Be sure to include rabies certificate(s) and spay/neuter certification(s) where applicable.  After validation and correct payment, your license(s) will be returned by mail. 

Cat Licenses Expire on June 30, 2022!

In early May, a license renewal application mailing went out to households of currently licensed cats. If you did not receive the mailing or are licensing a new cat, the application can be found HERE. When remitting your application, please include a copy of valid rabies vaccination proof (must not expire before April 30th 2023), your payment and a self-addressed/stamped envelope.

$17.00   =spayed/neutered cat

$20.00   =NON spayed/neutered cat

* A late fee of $15.00 per cat, will be added to renewal payments received after August 1, 2022

Payments by check should be payable to ‘Town of Boonton’ or if paying in cash, please bring exact change. Applications can be dropped in the Flag mailbox outside the front doors of Town Hall, brought in to the Health Department or mailed to ‘Town of Boonton, Pet Licensing, 100 Washington Street, Boonton, NJ 07005’. Once the application has been received and verified your license will be mailed to you. Further licensing information can be found HERE.

Please call 973.402.9410 ext. 631 with any questions.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation.

Rabies Inoculation Requirement

Be sure to check the rabies information and neuter status of your pet prior to applying.  If there have been any changes since the last registration, be sure to enclose required veterinarian certificates which will be returned.

Each licencing year, rabies certification must be valid through October 31 (for dogs) and April 30 (for cats).  

Please click the link here for info on our annual FREE Rabies Clinic.

New Pets & New Residents

  • Newly acquired dogs and cats must be licensed within ten (10) days of acquisition.
  • Dogs and cats must be licensed within ten (10) days of reaching licensing age.
  • Any new resident shall acquire a license within ten (10) days of establishing residence in the Town.  Any new residents with animals properly licensed in another municipality shall be charged a $1 registration fee per animal
  • License must be issued in the name of an adult member of the household.

Guide Dog Exception

Seeing Eye dogs shall be licensed in the same manner as other dogs.  In these cases, the fees are waived.

If your dog or cat is deceased or has changed ownership, please notify the Health Department.

  1. Health Department

    Physical Address
    100 Washington Street
    Boonton, NJ 07005


    Phone: 973-402-9410, ext. 631