Boonton Water Quality

Water is Safe To Drink Sign

During the most recent water quality testing performed on the Boonton water system, minimal levels of chromium were detected. Chromium is a naturally occurring substance caused mainly by the erosion of natural deposits. However, these levels were well below the maximum levels established by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). 

The current Federal and NJ State MCL for Chromium (the summation of Chromium 3 and 6) is 100 ppb. The highest observed Chromium result found in Boonton of 0.33 ppb is 300 times under the regulatory limit, and well within compliance.

A new draft RfD of 0.0009 mg/kg/day has been proposed for chromium’s association with intestinal lesions [2]. Boonton’s maximum average consumption per person is approximately 0.000009 mg/kg/day – which is still 100 times lower than the new draft standards being considered. Based upon general reference dose calculations (found in our attachment below and to be used for informative purposes), a typical ingestion rate is 100 times the reference dosage level for observed health effects currently set by the EPA. The Town of Boonton is committed to ensuring its water utility customers are provided with high quality and safe drinking water. In our required testing, we meet and exceed all NJ and EPA safe water standards. 

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