Master Plan 2018

SURVEY DEADLINE: February 2nd, 2018

The Master Plan will define the future of Boonton and we need your input!

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PLEASE NOTE: This is different than the Transit Village Study.  The Transit Village Study is for a specific part of town.  The Master Plan is for the whole town and is the vision for how Boonton will develop over time.


In simple terms, the Master Plan is the vision of how Boonton will develop over time. As such it provides local elected officials with guidance regarding how areas should be zoned, the standards that should be incorporated in the Land Use and Development ordinance (commonly referred to as the Zoning Ordinance) and other development standards. Information included in the Master Plan can also help a wide variety of public and private entities, including schools, utilities, emergency services, etc., in their long term capital and service needs planning.The Master Plan is a statutorily required document. 

CLICK HERE to download the brief summary slideshow of the Master Plan overview.


Questions to consider

  • What do you like about the neighborhood you live in? What can make it better?
  • Are there places in the Town or other towns you like? What do you like about them?
  • What do you like about the Town’s schools? What ideas do you have to make them better?
  • Are there areas you feel unsafe? Where? Why?
  • Are there historic areas of town that need rehabilitation?


Questions to consider

  • How do you think the Town should develop? What kind of developments should it target?
  • Should Main Street allow mixed use residential?
  • How should the Hollow and Division Street develop?
  • What are current Land Use issues in Town?
  • What are the current housing needs?
  • Do you own a business in town? Do you think Boonton is a good place to own or start a business? Why or why not?
  • Where in the Town (or another town) do you go shopping? Where and what do you go for?
  • What stores/restaurants/etc./ would you like to see in the Town that isn’t offered now?


Questions to consider

  • Can you get where you need to go easily?
  • Are there places you do or do not like to walk? Why is that?
  • Do you have trouble finding parking in some places? Where?
  • If there were bike lanes on some of the roads, would you ride a bike there? Why or why not? Where would you like to see them built?
  • Do you take public transit? Is it convenient? What could be done to improve it?
  • Is there a park near you? Do you use it? Can you get to it without driving? What amenities would you like to see?


The town has begun working on the Master Plan (description below) which is expected to be complete by June of 2018.  At anytime, you can complete a paper survey (at Town Hall) or the ONLINE SURVEY.  We also thank the many people who attended our November 1st, 2017 public Meeting and hope you will also attend a second public meeting being Scheduled for April, 2018.



Please be sure to complete the ONLINE SURVEY HERE or a paper survey which can be picked up at Town Hall. 

The Master Plan process will be managed by the town planning firm H2M.  After a 2016 public request for proposals, and submittals from some of the top planning firms in NJ, the Planning Board and governing body selected H2M as Boonton's new town planner. A bio of the firm including their proposal for Boonton can be viewed downloaded HERE. Their website is This award winning firm is help the planning board and governing body as we continue to vet applications for development in Boonton and guide us through the critical work of creating a new Master Plan (our vision for Boonton's development).

Master Plan Advisory Committee

  • Mayor Matthew DiLauri
  • Doug Phelps (Planning Board Chair)
  • Alderman Jim Lynch (Planning board Liaison & EDC Chairman)
  • Marianne Marcello (Planning Board / Construction Dept. Secretary)
  • Ashley Henschel (Planning Board  Member)
  • Neil Henry (Town Administrator)
  • Alderman Cy Wekilsky
  • Adam Brewer (Planning Board Member)