Annual Budget Process

Budget surrounded by graphs and charts

The annual budget process occurs between the months of October and April.  During this time, the Finance Department works under the direction of the Administrator and in conjunction with the Finance & Personnel Committee to produce a number of public documents including a user friendly and final budget.

2020 Budget Timeline

OCTOBER 1, 2019

2018 and 2019 Budget workshops distributed to Department Heads. This will include sheets for revenues, operating appropriations and capital projects.

OCTOBER 30, 2019 - DECEMBER 2019

All worksheets due back to the CFO.  Numbers will be loaded into the Town’s financial software for review with each department head.


Meetings will be held with each department head to review all aspects of their budgets, including a line by line review of requested appropriations as well as approved and requested capital projects.  The finance committee will meet with leadership in Public Works, Police, Fire, Recreation, Administration,  and Health to review their budget requests.  These will take place over two separate meetings scheduled for Saturday mornings in January and February.


Review first draft of the 2020 budget and capital requests with the Finance Committee. The Administrator and CFO will continue working through the budget to meet goals.  A second review and, if needed, a third review of the 2020 budget and capital requests with the Finance & Personnel Committee will take place.

MARCH 2020

Introduction of the 2020 Budget and Capital Plan for public and board review.

APRIL 2020

Public presentation and adoption of the 2020 Budget and Capital Plan.