Local News of Boonton Past

Hindenburg Zeplin crashing

October 9, 1936

The Hindenburg glided over Boonton this morning at about 8 o’clock, passing directly over the old Silk Mill in the direction of the Jersey City Reservoir. This route was not scheduled, for latest reports Indicated that it would not be in this vicinity. The Zeppelin is making a 618 mile cruise over New Jersey, New  York and New England with a group of oil Company officials.

The  following year on May 6, the Hindenburg crashed in Lakehurst NJ. Edward  Douglas, the brother of Halsey Douglas, who at one time was a Boonton  correspondent for the Newark Evening news, was one of the victims.

1935 - The Times Bulletin, Editor Section

“The  road department is to be congratulated on their efficient work in  removal of snow on our many miles of streets in such a remarkable short  time.” Read more on page 4:1935_Times_Bulletin

(After over 80 years, our current road department still demonstrates the same dedicated service to the town)

Also on page 4 in this paper, the editor, Charles L. Grubb stated that: 

“We are for: 

  • More parking space in Boonton 
  • Bridge from Boonton Manor to Boonton  * 
  • Swimming pool for women and children 
  • A Boys Band 
  • Killing of ALL weeds” 

* The Boonton Manor section, according to newspaper articles, is the area near the Knolls and Beverwyck road.


On April 1, the Boonton Post Office marked the 25th anniversary of  postal city delivery in Boonton. On April 1, 1911, the United States  Post Office Department first instituted delivery service. Mail carrier  Dawfy Righter stated he has ‘trodden’ over 100, 000 miles during the  25-year period through ice and snow, rain and hail.

Read more about this milestone: 1936_Times_Bulletin


The Beverly Bag Company took over the former Pelgram and Meyer silk mill and manufactured plastic and cloth handbags which were sold all over the country.