Local News of Boonton Past


  • The Census in Boonton was 5,372;
  • Clare Darress builds the Darress theater;
  • The Van Raalte hosiery factory on Myrtle Ave in Boonton supplied work to 400 people, most of whom worked in town. The silk used by Van Raalte was imported from Japan

From the Weekly Bulletin, April 21, 1921

“As mayor of the Town of Boonton, I, William R. Booth, do hereby proclaim that commencing with April 21, 1921, at 9 o’clock P.M. The official time of the Town shall be advanced one hour, and said Town shall be on so-called Daylight Saving Time to correspond with the time to become operative in the City of New York on said day.

Said Daylight Saving Time shall continue to be operative from said date until further Proclamation or Resolution of the Board of Aldermen.”


The state formally took possession of the Morris Canal and over the next six years it systemically drained and destroyed it; Boonton’s first semi-pro football team was formed


  • First telephone installed at the Police department
  • Darress theater becomes the State Theater (September)
  • The Pelgram and Meyer Silk mill on Lincoln and Monroe Streets closed. Started in 1876 under the Boonton Silk Factory, it is said to have produced 12,000 yards of silk dress goods per week and to employ 500 people.


The first Police car was purchased.

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