Local News of Boonton Past

Source: The Weekly Boonton Bulletin 

June 8, 1891

 “Boys bathing in the canal will do well to remember that the law  requires them to wear tights while enjoying that sport in the daytime”.

Dec 30,1897

“If  all our subscribers were women, we would have very few bills to send  out. As a rule , the women who subscribe for the local newspapers pay in  advance and we have often thought that the men who paid promptly were  influence by their wives”

Apr 14, 1893

“Clear  up your house and dooryards at once. Look after your cellars and out  buildings. Neglect now may mean peril in the near future. Cholera is  sure to come”

(dooryards – the yard in front of the door of a house)

Mar 8, 1900

“The new iron railroad bridge over the canal in this town, is strong enough  for the heaviest of trains, the need of which the railroad company  wisely forsees.”

Sept 6, 1906 (Labor Day)

“The picinic on the Witch’s Grounds in the afternoon was largely attended and games, etc. were the attractions”

Jan 14, 1909

“The  first step for mail delivery in town was taken by the introduction of  an ordinance in the Council, on Tuesday night, providing for the  numbering of the house.”