Water & Sewer Utility

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Division of Water and Sewer is one division but two separate utilities, one for water and one for sewer operations.

Annual Water Quality Report

Boonton’s Annual Water Quality Report is designed to provide consumers with information on the quality of the water delivered by our public water system. Consumers have the right to know what is in their drinking water.  

2023 Annual Water Quality Report

2022 Annual Water Quality Report

2021 Annual Water Quality Report

NJDEP Initial Lead Service Line Inventory

Department Staff

The Division of Water and Sewer, which serves water treatment, water distribution and sewer collection functions, is composed of eight (8) staff members: Foreman, Water Treatment Plant Operator, Maintenance Repairers and Laborers. Under contract, an additional individual provides for quarterly meter readings. An employee assigned to Administration serves as the billing clerk while the Collector’s office receives payments from customers.

Emergency & Scheduled Shut offs

For emergency water shut offs or to report a sewer back-up or slow drain, please call 973-402-9460. Outside of the normal working hours of 7AM to 3:30PM M-F, please call the Boonton Police Department at (973) 402-9371.

To schedule a water shut off for repair, please contact the Water Division a minimum of two (2) business days before the repair is scheduled. There is a $40 fee for scheduled shutoffs. Non-Emergency water shut offs, outside of normal working hours, are provided at overtime rates.

Water and sewer billing is done by the Finance Office at 100 Washington Street in Boonton . For all billing inquiries or if you are moving and need to request a final meter reading please call 973-402-9410 x623.

Division Functions

  • Five (5) pumping (lift) stations – locations: Tower, Myrtle, Vreeland and Morris Avenues
  • Approximately 35 miles* of sanitary sewage collection lines serving about 2700 properties*ranging in size from 8” to 12” as there are multiple connections to RVRSA trunk line.
  • Via five (5) gravity connections, transmit effluent to RVRSA for treatment
  • Four (4) ground water wells and a treatment (filtering and/or chlorination only) facility located in Boonton Township
    • Producing a daily average of 0.8 MGD and peak flows during summer of over 1.5 MGD
    • Seven (7) Storage tanks of 0.05, (2) 0.5, (2) 0.75, and (2) 1.0, MG for a total of 4.55 MG storage capacity
  • One surface water reservoir and treatment plant located in Montville Township
    • Producing a daily average of 0.7 MGD and peak flows during summer of over 0.72 MGD
  • Approximately 35 miles of water distribution mains ranging in size from 4” to 12”
  • Service about 3100 water laterals to and including curb boxes for which the utility is responsible from the main to the curb box.
  • Service about 3100 water meters, including touch pad, outside read and inside read only types.
  • Four (4) water supply interconnections with Montville, Mountain Lakes, Denville and Parsippany to provide water to Town residents and businesses in the event of a system suspension or failure
  • Supply several individual residents in Boonton Township, Montville and Mountain Lakes and the Township of Boonton in bulk with potable water (there is no Board of Public Utilities jurisdiction in this regard)
  • Many System valves
  • 392 fire hydrants
  • 3 public water fountains
  • 2 public water irrigation (sprinkler) systems
  • 1 public restroom water facility
  • 1 water system for concession stands
  • Daily well treatment and pump inspections – seven (7) days per week
    • Ongoing maintenance of the treatment and distribution facilities
    • Weekend and holiday responsibilities require overtime given current work schedules.
  • Water system sampling and delivery to an approved laboratory, Garden State in Irvington
  • Monitoring system for compliance with EPA and NJDEP standards; filing of required monthly and other reports
  • Service shut off and turn on
  • Perform Utility mark-outs, scheduled and emergency
  • Semi-annual night-time fire hydrant flushing, in addition to repair and replacement when necessary (This function will require overtime given current work schedules.)
  • Valve and curb box maintenance: repair and replacement
  • Wet taps
  • Repair broken water mains
  • Periodically systematically replace service lines, valve boxes and fire hydrants in-house, often utilizing CDBG funding
  • Maintain pumping stations and surrounding grounds and generators. (Pump station generator exercises, reports, and quarterly maintenance is performed by a contractor, currently J&R Controls, Dover, NJ)
  • Emergency flush (jet) problem sewer locations often to remove obstructions including debris buildup and tree root intrusion
  • Systematic sewer line cleaning and flushing to remove debris, grit and tree root obstructions in the line. The unit’s objective is to flush the entire 25 miles of sanitary sewer collection lines in the Town every 12 months; but in reality it has been taking more than one year to complete
  • Raise sewer manholes and catch basins during repaving operations
  • Repair collapsed sewers, though few have occurred in the utility, age suggests that more will occur in the future.
  • Repair service laterals in public roadway from main to curb box. (The property owner is responsible for repairs between curb and house.
  • Plumbing and other maintenance repairer functions, such as HVAC maintenance in all Borough buildings and facilities
  • Assist in both snow and ice control and leaf collection efforts by Division of Streets