Animal Control

dogs and cats and other furry pets

The Town of Boonton Animal Control operates under the supervision of the Health Department. The Boonton Animal Control Officer provides animal control, and animal rescue services to the Town as well as shelter for misplaced or lost domestic animals at its impound facility, until the rightful owner can be found.

If you have a concern about how an animal is being cared for or treated, please contact the Boonton Police Department Humane Law Enforcement Officer, and provide as much information as possible. Also, please provide a call-back phone number so that they can follow up with you. You may also click the Report a Concern button on the home page.

Who to Contact

  • DAYS: Monday - Friday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM, contact the Boonton Health Department (973) 402-9410 x631
  • NIGHTS: Monday - Friday from 5PM to 8AM and on weekends, contact the Boonton Police Dept. (973) 402-9371

Animal Control Responsibilities

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  • Follow up on animal bites
  • Enforcing local codes
  • Handling complaints regarding wild and stray animals
  • Respond to wild animals inside the living areas of a residence (excluding attics, basements, chimney’s or garages)
  • Impound stray, sick or injured animals and hold possible rabid animals for either quarantine or preparation for testing at the state lab
  • Investigate suspected rabies exposures
  • Respond to reports of injured or sick wildlife

Animal Control is NOT Responsible For . .

  • Handling or removal of dead animals
  • Addressing wildlife nuisance problems unless the wildlife exhibit signs of rabies