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The Town of Boonton contracts with Pequannock Township for several Health Department Services. In the contact information on this page, you will find both Town of Boonton information as well as some contact information that will direct you to the Town of Pequannock's Health Department. Together, these individuals provide a wide range of public health services designed to promote and protect the health of Boonton residents. 

Health Department Newsletters & Important Updates

What Does the Health Department Do?

  • Municipal Registrar: The Town of Boonton employs a Registrar who assists the public, by appointment only, with birth, death, and marriage certificates and marriage license applications. The Registrar is also the Town Clerk. Call the Registrar at ext. 624 for all vital statistic-related questions or to make an appointment. 
  • .Environmental Health: The Boonton Health Department has a shared service agreement with Pequannock Township, which provides Registered Environmental Health Specialists that work to ensure the proper handling of food is maintained in all retail food establishments and to investigate resident complaints. Call the Senior Regional Environmental Health Specialist at 973-835-5700 ext 197.
  • Public Health Nursing: The Boonton Health Department contracts with Pequannock Township for a Public Health Nurse. The nurse administers vaccines, investigates communicable diseases, promotes and administers health screenings, and monitors immunizations in schools. Call the Public Health Nurse at 973-985-5700 ext 135.
  • Health Education: In collaboration with the Town of Boonton, Pequanock Township’s Educator works to inform the community of current health issues and acts as a point of reference for health education. Specific areas of focus are preventative efforts to eliminate drug and alcohol abuse, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and the planning and execution of community programs. 
  • Licensing: The Health Department handles all dog and cat licensing as well as food retail licensing. Contact the Heath Department Clerk with any questions regarding licensing. For retail food licensing, contact the Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist at 973-985-5700 ext 197. For pet licensing contact the Health Department Clerk at 973-402-9410 ext 631. 

We urge you to become familiar with the services offered and to participate in our personal health programs published in the town calendar. We are always open to suggestions and willing to answer your questions. Explore more information using the links below.

All Health Department forms can be found by clicking here under the Health Department section.