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The Town of Boonton Department of Public Works is responsible for providing many of the services that residents come to rely on daily.  Additionally, the Department administers the Town’s waste water collection and treatment plant.
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Proper Preparation of Shredded Paper

MUA Issues Guidelines for Proper Preparation of Shredded Paper

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has issued new guidelines for the proper preparation of shredded paper in those municipalities that participate in the MCMUA’s “all-in-one” single-stream curbside recycling collection program.

The guidelines, which apply to Boonton, Boonton Township, Chatham Township, Chester Borough, Denville, East Hanover, Florham Park, Hanover, Mendham Borough, Mendham Township, Mine Hill, Morris Plains, Netcong, Rockaway Borough and Wharton, are designed to make the recycling process more efficient, said Kathleen Hourihan, Morris County recycling coordinator.

“First and foremost, as little paper as possible should be shredded - only those pieces of paper with information on them that you don’t want others to see,” Hourihan said. “The less shredded paper there is in the recycling stream, the better it is for the recycling process.” Because shredded paper is so small, it doesn't get sorted with other paper, and it winds up in the trash at the end of the system, she said.

As for the other guidelines, Hourihan said:

  • All shredded paper that will be set at curbside for collection or that will be deposited at a local recycling center should be put into clear or light-colored plastic bags, such as grocery bags.
  • Dark-colored trash bags should not be used.
  • Tie knots to securely close the top of the bag.
  • Do not put any other paper, recyclables or trash into the plastic bags containing shredded paper.

Hourihan stressed the only plastic bags that are to be put into recycling receptacles in the “all-in-one” single-stream curbside municipalities are those containing shredded paper. “We will greatly appreciate everyone following the new guidelines, which will result in a much higher quality of recyclable material,” she added.

More information about recycling is available online on the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority website,, or by calling the MCMUA at 973-285-8395.

Saturday, June 3, 2017
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