150th - Town History

Small Town, Big Heart

Boonton became a separate municipality, and was incorporated as a Town under a charter granted by the State Legislature in March, 1867. The area within the limits of the new Town was formerly part of the old Townships of Pequannock and Hanover. Under the charter, the new Town was governed by a seven-man Board of Trustees, but, by an amendment to the charter in 1872, authority was vested in the Mayor and Common Council, now known as the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Boonton's charter of 1867 was a milestone in the long history of the Town. More than a century earlier the village of Boonetown (Booneton, Boonton) was established on the Rockaway River, about a mile and a half downstream from the center of the present Town. As early as 1747, Obadiah Baldwin operated an iron refining forge at that place, where water power was in ample supply, and raw materials, such as iron ore and wood for charcoal, were not too far away. Under David Ogden, the owner of the site and a large tract of surrounding land, and, later, under his son, Samuel, the ironworks was enlarged, and a village of workmen and their families emerged. This village was named by the Ogdens "Boone-Towne" in honor of the Colonial Governor, Thomas Boone, in the year 1761.

PRE 1860 
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1740-Miller Kingsland House
1747-O. Baldwin's Iron Forge
1761-Named Boone-Town for Thomas Boone
1830-NJ Iron Company, Booneton Falls
1831-Iron Company provides school
1832-School built at Cedar & Liberty
1832-Boonton Academy, School Street - First free school in Morris County
1844-School at 60 Lathrop Ave served South Boonton (moved to 319 Lathrop 1868)

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1860-1876 Parochial classes OLMC basement
1867-John Carson house, Church St
1867-March-Boonton incorporated-7 member Board of Trustees
1867-May-Police Department established

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1871-First Weekly Bulletin
1872-Town Charter amended-Mayor ad Common Council
1873-Population: 3500; Churches: 5;Saloons: 10
1875-Harrison Street School (for 54 years)
1875-Esten House, Rockaway Street
1875-Lackawanna Railroad completes Boonton-Paterson Branch
1876-Soldiers' Monument dedicated
1876-Iron Company closes

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OLMC Classes resumed
1888-Blizzard in March
1886-Harmony Drum Corps established

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1890-Opera House
1891-Fire Department established
1895-Telephone Company in Boonton

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1902-1903-Jersey City Reservoir completed
1904-Railroad Station

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Police Chief killed
1908-Chlorination of Jersey City Reservoir
1917-EF Drew